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coffeebeans mashiro

“coffeebeans mashiro” is located on Mukaishima Island in the Seto Inland Sea , Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
We sell carefully selected house-roast specialty coffee beans.

Our concept is providing the “pleasure of coffee” to our customers as well as their loved ones:

We believe
“The BEST coffee in the world is YOUR coffee made for your loved ones.”

We always make great efforts to select the green beans, considering the place of origin and their refining process, and draw out a maximum original potential of coffee by our careful roasting procedure.

It is not so difficult to drip coffee at home if you have a coffee mill and some little tools. 

Believing everybody can enjoy drip coffee and serve it to the loves ones, we, coffee-bean-shops, should provide many chances to enjoy coffee more casually. Then you can surely share a warm and cheerful time. The good coffee and the knowledge about the flavor depending on beans would creat more vivid conversation, which is one of the advantages of coffee.

Wishing our coffee beans could produce “A Supreme Cup of Joy” for your loved ones, we will keep providing with fascination of coffee and help you have more pleasant lives!

We will support your warm heart to make someone else smile.
Please drop in the friendliest shop in the world!

If you have a LINE account, please become a friend with us.
We will send you timely information about our new products, work-shop events, etc.

Shop Information
Address:   5557-17 Mukaishima-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture, 722-0073 Japan
Phone:     0848-29-9078 (Japanese only)
Email:       info@coffeebeans-mashiro.com (English / Japanese)
Website:  coffeebeans-mashiro.com

Tus/Wed/Sat/Sun:  10am-6pm
Fri:                              10am-8pm
Mon/Thur:                Normally closed
                                    (except national holidays)

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